The South Plainfield Middle School is excited to present their Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 13 at 6:30pm in the Middle School Gym. There will be performances from the Middle School Band, Chorus, and Orchestra as well as the GEMS, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band. Admission is free and we would love to have you there.
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SPMS music
Ms. Bednar's 8th grade art students displayed their symmetrical portraits of celebrities. The students were presented with half of a photograph and created the other half in pencil. Their skills and creativity shined through! Individual pictures by Alisa Dang, Aliya Davis, and Garett Contreras.
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Symmetrical art
by Alisa Dang
By Alisa Davis
By Garett Contreras
The South Plainfield Middle School hopes everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.
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Our turkey
The South Plainfield Middle School held our Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year we made it a competition between the 7th grade and the 8th grade. The 7th graders won a special movie day. Great job to all the kids.
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SPMS food drive
Ms. Brandenburg, Ms. Pinelli and the students in the SPMS National Junior Honor Society held a drive during October and November to help the Plainfield Area Human Society with much needed supply donations. You still have one more day to donate! Thank you to all who donated to this worthy cause.
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NJHS students
Today the South Plainfield Middle School celebrated Veterans' Day with our annual Veterans' Day program! Thank you to all who have served and protected us!
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Veterans Day
SPMS Veterans' Day
On November 1st, students in Spanish classes at South Plainfield Middle School enjoyed the celebration of the Day of the Dead tradition where loved ones are remembered. This was the culmination of having created masks, pamphlets and viewing of educational videos and/or snippets of the movie Coco as part of their cultural lessons on the tradition of this tradition. Ms. Rendon and Ms. Salazar re-enacted a presentation of how altars are created in Latin America. They placed cempasuchiles (marigolds), velas (candles), comida (food), calaveras (sugar skulls), and photos (pictures) on the altar. On November 2nd, students shared their own short anecdotes of deceased family members and pets and everyone thanked each other for sharing.
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Day of the dead
Day of the dead
The South Plainfield Middle School celebrated Hispanic Heritage month with a variety of activities hosted by Senora Rendon and Senora Salazar. Students researched influential Hispanic Americans and created posters which were hung in the cafeteria. Some of the research evolved into poetry and a poetry slam event with the help of Mrs. Brandenburg. The middle school practiced a folklore song titled “De Colores” and sang it along with the Grant school and all the elementary school students. A piñata was hand made at the middle school for the elementary students to hit and grab all types of Latin American treats. Additionally. twenty middle school students volunteered at the South Plainfield Library’s yearly National Hispanic Celebration where our students ran the Spanish story time.
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Hispanic Heritage
Ms. Salazar's students
Ms. Salazar and Ms. Rendon
Hispanic Heritage Day
More excitement this Halloween at SPMS
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SPMS students
middle school M&Ms
Happy Halloween from the staff and students at the South Plainfield Middle School. Hope you have a spooktacular day!
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SPMS Staff
SPMS students
Happy Halloween
To end Red Ribbon Week, the South Plainfield Middle School teamed up against drugs by wearing our favorite team's jersey!
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Students and staff wore their favorite team jersey
Wearing our jerseys
Team jersey day
Today the South Plainfield Middle School continued to recognize School Violence Awareness Week by wearing purple which is the color of peace and anti-violence.
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SPMS students wearing purple.
Keeping the peace!
SPMS students
The South Plainfield Middle School is recognizing School Violence Awareness Week. Today, students and staff worked to "keep the peace" by wearing tie-dye!
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Students at SPMS are keeping the peace!
SPMS - The South Plainfield Middle School PTO held a movie night in the courtyard at the Middle School. It was a great turnout. Thank you SPMS PTO for everything that you do for the students at the Middle School.
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SPMS - Movie Night
SPMS - In accordance with the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, the South Plainfield Middle School has designated the first week in October as the “Week of Respect”. Throughout this week the students had the opportunity to participate in activities focused on preventing harassment, intimidation and bullying. Today School Spirit Day theme was – Wear your favorite pajamas “Let’s put bullying to bed!”.
2 months ago, Leo Whalen
PJ Day
PJ Day 8
SPMS - Mrs. McLaughlin’s 7th grade art students were hard at work exploring familiar materials in a new way. Not only were they impressed with their newly acquired skills they were also excited to share some positive vibes. Look for some inspirational artwork from them when you’re walking the hallways at SPMS. Alisa Martinez is hard at work.
2 months ago, Leo Whalen
Alisa Martinez
Student Art Work
SPMS - Ex-pro football player kicks off “Week of Respect” at the South Plainfield Middle School. SPMS kicked off a "Week of Respect" today with a visit from an ex-pro football player turned motivational speaker. Duane West, a former player with the AFL's Florida Bobcats and former regular on "Maury," spoke to the students as part of New Jersey's "Week of Respect." West described growing up in Newark and being teased for being poor and having learning disabilities. Despite these obstacles, he said he worked hard in school, graduating from Rutgers University in 1990 with a degree in psychology. West told students, "Don't waste any time in this academic environment. Go to school and want to succeed," he said. "Education is my lifeline to success."
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Anti-Bullying 1
Anti-Bullying 2
SPMS - Racing with Positivity in Math Class! Students in Ms. Kousoulis’ 7th grade math classes are learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers. They had a blast practicing their integer skills by racing each other in Integer Warp! Students in picture are Tristan Martin, Ione Lambert, Keilly Alas, Jaliyah Harvey and Muzammil Popal.
2 months ago, Leo Whalen
Students Participating
SPMS – Students at the Middle School participated in a slam poetry lesson, in their Spanish class, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Students needed to research Hispanic Americans with respect to their heritage, beliefs, and contributions to society. Students worked to create biographical poems about these influential people in an artistic and poetic way. They then read their poems in front of their class using microphone. Pictured here are Tyler Reed and Amanda Waldron.
2 months ago, Leo Whalen
Tyler Reed reading poetry
Amanda Waldron reading poetry
SPMS – The South Plainfield Middle School held their annual September 11th Remembrance Assembly at the South Plainfield on September 9th. You can view it here:
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