School news written over a photo of a wooden desktop with a pencil holder and books in front of a chalkboard
Illustrated image of a child with short brown hair reading a book whose cover says read me in big letters
School Supply List
A hand drawn circle logo that says I walk for the trees. There are two hands holding a golden lion tamarin and a tree
PowerPoint icon
A header that says immunization requirements. There is a nurse's hat with a red cross and two hypodermic needles
A colorful picture of the words school attendance in a lime green frame that has blue and pink crayons and an orange pencil on it
A cartoon image of a student exiting a car with the words student drop-off below
An image of the words school clubs. Clubs has various icons of handprints, paint, and children reading and playing spread across it
An artistic rendition of the word music with birds, instruments, treble clefs, flowers, poems and flourishes interspersed in and between each letter of the word
Cartoon image of a newspaper
Image of the words bell schedule with a school bell beside them
NJ School Performance Report logo. Two books stacked with a graduation cap on top
Smiley emoji with a string tied around the finger with the words don't forget above its head