Grant School Clubs:

Academic Bowl

Advisor: Rebecca Gross, When: Tuesdays 2:20-3:10 pm

Academic Bowl is a club that allows the students to challenge themselves in the academic subjects, along with current events and pop culture. The format is similar to quiz bowl. Students work in teams to answer a series of questions, covering various subjects. 

For those interested in joining, a sign-up form and permission slip can be found on the google classroom. The classroom code is okvnabd, the google meet code will only be up when the club meets.

  • Information Meeting: September 20 at 2:20pm  
  • Room: 10

Buddies Against Bullying

Advisor: Mrs. Horn, When: Last Tuesday of the month 2:20-3:00 pm

Buddies Against Bullying will talk about ways to be an up-stander, brainstorm ideas to contribute to a positive school climate, and do activities to strengthen our school community.  Interested students can join the Google classroom using code 2lfwggx and I will post more information there as the date approaches.

  • Information Meeting: September 27 at 2:20pm
  • Room: Library

Chess Club

Advisor: Mr. Orfan, When: Mondays 2:20-3:15 pm

Chess brings students together in a competitive and friendly social setting.  The Chess club encourages the students to help each other learn how to play the game. Chess fosters creativity and self-esteem. Chess also exercises the brain by promoting problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  The students enjoy this interesting and unique game. 

  • Information Meeting: September 19th from 2:20-2:45 in room 73 
  • Room: 73

Drama Club

Advisor: Ms Eichert, Ms, Maddolin, Mrs. Teller

  • Information Meeting: In December 

Literary Magazine Club

Advisor: Miss Eppes, When: Mondays 2:20-3:10 pm

Welcome to Grant School’s Literary Magazine Club! This club will provide students at Grant School the opportunity to showcase their creative writing stories, poems, illustrations, and other types of literary work to the entire school community. Please see below for important club information.

  • Information Meeting: Monday, September 19th from 2:20-2:30. Students will receive permissions slips 
  • Room: 69

Grant Gazette Club

Advisor: Mrs. Bennett,  When: Monday 2:30-3:00pm room 6. 

Grant Gazette is a chance to share news, updates, opinions, and creativity with the students at Grant Elementary School. We meet on a weekly basis every Monday from 2:20-3 PM. Come join the fun in Room 6!

  • Information Meeting: September 12, 2:30pm 
  • Room: 6

Multicultural Club

Advisor: Mrs. Arriola,  When: Second and last Tuesday of the month 2:20-3:00 pm room 31

The Multicultural Club at Grant School seeks to promote awareness as well as appreciation of all cultures and ethnicities by encouraging students to educate others about their diverse cultures and backgrounds.

  • Information Meeting: September 13th from 2:20pm- 2:45pm
  • Room: 31

Lego Club

Advisor: Mr. Phillips and Mrs. Alongi, and

  When: Thursdays: 2:20-3:20pm

  • Information Meeting: September 22nd from 2:20pm- 2:45pm
  • Room: Library

PEACE Committee

Advisor: Dr. Goman, Mr. McCann, Ms. Gross, Mrs. Montany, Mrs. Massop. 

When: Meetings once a month. 

Last meeting update: 

-Goals created.

-Plan set for teacher PLC. 

- Involve student through student run groups. 

  • Next Meeting: 2/9/22
  • Room: Conference room