Math problems

Good morning Students & Parents/Guardians:

We are excited to share that starting next week February 6th the district will be providing online virtual Math tutoring for our students through Proximity Learning. This is an excellent opportunity for all students to have an additional learning outlet when they are not in school.

Please see the attached parent tutoring guide for the schedule and the zoom links for your children to access the tutoring sessions.  The schedule and link will also be available on your child’s Math teacher’s Google Classroom.

This opportunity is for all students, no matter what grade they have in their math course, or what level they are currently enrolled in. Students can drop in at any point during the hour-long session and can stay as long as they wish. Students can attend as often as they like.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott Mangieri at


Mr. Leo Whalen

Principal, South Plainfield Middle School

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