Our Name

The name of our district committee is South Plainfield P.E.A.C.E. (Positively Empowering and Advocating for Change and Equity)

Our Mission

South Plainfield PEACE is dedicated to the advocacy of equity, inclusion, and representation in order to foster safe spaces for communication and cultivate a culture that empowers all to embrace and celebrate diversity both in education and across the community.


Dr. Kevin Hajduk, Principal

Mr. David Zatta, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Melissa Zurawiecki, School Counselor

Mrs. Nyssa Wiener, BCBA

Ms. Jillian Mahon, Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Miller, Teacher

Mrs. Brittany Lillis, Teacher

Mrs. Rita Feliks, Teacher

Dates of Meetings:

September 22nd

October 22nd

December 16th

February 15th

March 23rd

May 18th

Topics of Discussion

  • Expectations and Purposes of the Committee

  • Goals

  • Visions

  • Topics Needing to be Addressed

  • Where are our strengths and weaknesses

  • How can we support all students

  • How can we best support our school, as well as, the entire district/community


"Every person matters"