PEACE Committee

PEACE Committee

Advisors: Dr. Goman, Mr. McCann, Ms. Gross, Mrs. Montany, Mrs. Massop. 

When: Meetings once a month. 

10/27, 12/19, 1,26, 2/28, 3/7, 3/15, 3/29, 4/26


  1. Review handbook to identify areas where restorative practices can be implemented in conjunction with code of conduct consequences. Review HIB and disciplinary data if needed. 

  2. Re-evaluate the safe space training and room- updates. 

  3. Partner with Wingman and Heroes and Cool Kids to promote acceptance and tolerance among students. Specifically address bias language. 

  4. Evaluate existing programs to identify areas in need of revision to create tolerant inclusion

  5. Incorporate topics in faculty and PLC time to be aware of their use of person first language. Give examples of language to be used in response to reports of bias incidents.

Next Meeting: May 17th 2:20pm in Conference room

  • Outcomes

    • March 8th- Teacher faculty meeting video on restorative practices.

    • March 15th March 29th April 26th small groups PLC restorative practices.

    • Partner with Multicultural Club and peer leaders next meeting to bring in students ideas. 

    • Partner with Heroes and Cool Kids (HS club) and Wingman (MS Club) to address bias language with 5th and 6th grade.

    • Specifically tailored guidance classroom lessons.

    • Speaker to both grades. March 16th to address students on use of language and consequences of actions.

    • COLAB- partner with to create mural at Grant School.

    • Have a multicultural day/week possibly coincide with week of respect.

    • Black History Month- inventor contest, poetry contest, daily trivia contest- guidance lessons.