Franklin School PEACE Committee

The Franklin School PEACE Committee supports the South Plainfield P.E.A.C.E. (Positively Empowering and Advocating for Change and Equity) mission:  

South Plainfield P.E.A.C.E. is dedicated to the advocacy of equity, inclusion, and representation in order to foster safe spaces for communication and cultivate a culture that empowers all to embrace and celebrate diversity both in education and across the community.


  • Mrs. Bertucci

  • Mrs. Broggi

  • Mrs. Colucci

  • Ms. Garrett

  • Mr. Nelson

  • Ms. Ortiz

  • Mrs. Rodger

Meeting Dates:

October 14, 2022

December 14, 2022

January 18, 2023

March 15, 2023

April 19, 2023

May 17, 2023


  • Expectations and Norms of the Franklin PEACE Committee

  • Goals and Purpose

  • Definition of PEACE at Franklin School

  • Planned Items for starting Franklin PEACE:

    • Creating a Safe Space at Franklin for ALL students

      • Morning Meeting

      • Calming Corners

      • Restorative Circles (pilot)

    • School Community Survey (for Franklin School)

      • Identify strengths

      • Pinpoint issues/areas to address

    • Student Ambassadors

      • Nominations

      • From Grades 3 and 4; Grade 2 for the end of the school year

The Franklin School community strives to create a safe and challenging learning environment that encourages acceptance of self and others by celebrating students for being unique and diverse, welcoming them to share thoughts and feelings, and supporting them to succeed academically.


  • Development of our student-friendly mission statement mirroring the District mission

  • Professional Development on Community Building:

    • Calming Corners

    • The Morning Meeting Book (faculty book club)

  • Selection of Student PEACE Ambassadors

    • Grades 3 and 4

    • Attendance at Kean University DIversity Council's Leadership Conference: "Speak Your Truth"

  • School community surveys and data analysis

    • Staff survey due May 1

    • Student survey submitted for approval

  • Coming up...

    • Buddy Benches

    • Reviewing "Start with Hello" and "Say Something" programs from Sandy Hook Promise

    • Safe Space- training/review for staff

    • Examining implicit biases