a pen and the words working papers

Instructions for Working Papers

Students must have a promise of employment to obtain working papers.

Working papers are done by the Guidance Office via email.

Students will need to complete the attached initial intake form and send via email to:

mbenak@spboe.org or tpileggi@spboe.org

Guidance will type State Form and email it back to student with instructions on what to do next.

Note:  if you have had a physical within a year, a new physical is not required - The doctor’s office will still need to sign, stamp & complete their section of the working paper.

The final step will be to email the completed form along with birth certificate or passport back to Guidance for the final signatures and State assigned #.   The finalized working paper will then be emailed back to the student.

Please note that any State Working Paper Form submitted to this office that has been altered or doctored will not be accepted.  Each time you are offered new employment, a new working paper must be completed unless you are 18 years or older.

Any questions, please contact Guidance at (908)754-4620 ext. 1632 or ext. 1633