Computer Lab

Parents, Students, and Teachers,
       I'm so glad you stopped by my site!  You will find many awesome projects that our Franklin School students have created during the school year here, as well as informing you on what we have been learning in technology.
       Computer Technology is taught to grades K- 4. All grades learn lessons in keyboarding, Internet safety, holidays, Web 2.0 tools, and creating documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, and digital storytelling.  Students also reinforce their curriculum studies by using the many computer learning programs available in the lab.  
       Primary grade students learn many of the tools found in our KidPix program, creating wonderful and imaginative pictures and adding stories to them. Our students also research ocean animals, butterfly life cycles, Community Helpers, Extreme Weather as well as learning basic Computer and Internet practices. The students work with the Kidspiration program, learning organization skills and critical thinking.  Many websites are used in class, reinforcing the grade level curriculum.  Students also learn the parts of the computer and keyboarding skills to start their journey for the upper grades.
        Our upper grade students create an online interactive poster on the planets and other areas of the curriculum using the Internet tool Glogster.  Students create Digital Story projects from a language art writing lesson, and use other 21st Century tools as Google Earth, Wordle, Vokis, and Blabberize . Grades 3 & 4 learned many Google apps techniques so they can become smart 21st Century learners.  Research tasks were completed in grades 1 through 4.
      iPads and Chromebooks are used with all students as learning tools throughout the year in the lab. Students have access to the Franklin School iPad and Chromebook carts, which are loaded with core curriculum content standard apps and Google apps for them to learn and enjoy.
      The students also learn research techniques, using student-appropriate online databases and search engines.  Their grade-level curriculum is integrated into the technology lab, where they create many projects throughout the school year.
       All students will be practicing keyboarding techniques, building their skills while having fun using practice websites. This has really improved their typing skills when they write stories and essays. 
      Another curriculum standard in technology is Internet Safety.  Students from grades 1 up to 4 learn how to be safe online and what techniques and strategies can be used to keep them safe and responsible digital citizens.
      As the year goes forward, please drop by my website often to catch up on technology at Franklin School as well as view the projects Franklin students have done throughout the year.
Hope you enjoy!
Mrs. Hunt